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▲摄影:是然修建摄影金臣·亦飞鸣美术馆位于大虹桥焦点板块,承载着长三角与世界联动的窗口之任。虹桥商务区奇特的区位、先进的计划设计、以及都会综合体的基础建设,成为了上海实现国际商业中心的重要区块。JINCHEN YFM ART GALLERY is located in the core plate of the Great Hongqiao, and serves as a window for the linkage between the Yangtze River Delta and the world. With its unique location, advanced planning and design, and the infrastructure construction of urban complex, Hongqiao Business District has become an important area for realizing the international trade center of Shanghai.▲摄影:是然修建摄影▲摄影:是然修建摄影作为大虹桥焦点版块中的首个拥有国际视野的艺术 IP 地标,受到闵行区政府及虹桥区管委会的鼎力大举扶持,顺应商务、会展、文化等的联动需求以及“崇人文”的生长理念。


As the first art IP landmark with an international perspective in the core section of Da Hongqiao, it is strongly supported by the Minhang District Government and the Hongqiao District Management Committee, and it conforms to the linkage needs of business, exhibition, culture, etc. and the development concept of "respecting humanity". The landing of the museum has far-reaching significance of the times, and it will show the more diverse, pioneering and innovative concepts of art on the stage with the city as the background. And Hongqiao as the "Yangtze River Delta Large Living Room" artistic concept to the world.▲摄影:是然修建摄影▲摄影:是然修建摄影美术馆入口设计跳脱出修建计划的传统模式,通透纯净的玻璃幕墙外立面捕捉着逐日晨曦到日暮的光影幻化,在差别时分的定格下出现极具现代雕塑感的入口。透明曲面保证了从室内空间的完整性,延续室内到自然情况的过渡,从远处看也没有多余的结构遮挡视线。设计师依托都会及地块赋予的活力与情感,以“很是规”的形态,向人们展示艺术的新视野和中国现代艺术的气力。The entrance design of the art gallery breaks away from the traditional mode of architectural planning. The transparent and pure glass facade captures the changes of light and shadow from dawn to dusk every day, and presents a modern sculptural entrance under different time frames. The transparent curved surface ensures the integrity of the interior space and continues the transition from the interior to the natural environment. From a distance, there is no redundant structure to block the line of sight. The designer relies on the vitality and emotion endowed by the city and the land, in an "unconventional" form, to show people the new vision of art and the power of Chinese modern art.▲入口效果图以艺术家陈逸飞、陈逸鸣兄弟为代表的中国今世艺术家,让世界看到了中国艺术的气力。

陈逸飞先生的油画,以及在影视、绘画、设计等各个领域的特殊成就,展现了中国艺术家卓越的才气。而陈逸鸣先生对东方传统与西方古典的艺术诠释,在国际上谱写了精湛的一笔。金臣·亦飞鸣美术馆以兄弟之名,延续了海派艺术家的精神,致敬经典,随着新时代的程序,传承延续艺术的气力。Chinese contemporary artists represented by artists Chen Yifei and Chen Yiming brothers have shown the power of Chinese art to the world. Mr. Chen Yifei's oil paintings, as well as his extraordinary achievements in various fields such as film and television, painting, and design, show the outstanding talents of Chinese artists. Mr. Chen Yiming's artistic interpretation of Eastern traditions and Western classics has made a superb experience in the world. In the name of brothers, Jinchen Yifeiming Art Museum continues the spirit of Shanghai-style artists and pays tribute to classics. With the pace of the new era, it inherits and continues the power of art. ▲陈逸飞先生(图片泉源于网络) ▲陈逸飞先生作品 ▲陈逸鸣先生▲时代的印记 ▲隆冬终将已往HWCD 担纲美术馆室内设计,从人们的五感理念基础出发,在对修建、地域人文、空间的研究中掘客日常生活中的艺术感慨。


设计师相信艺术能够引发人们的无限遐想,打破通例的思维框架。HWCD is responsible for the interior design of the museum. Starting from the concept of people's five senses, it explores the artistic feelings in daily life in the study of architecture, regional humanities and space. The designer believes that art can stimulate people's infinite reverie and break the conventional thinking framework.▲Plan @ 1F平面图空间平面顺应修建的形态向下延伸,流线型的动势,呼应了周边都会空间文化的配景灵感。


The spatial plan extends downward in conformity with the shape of the building, and the streamlined momentum echoes the background inspiration of the surrounding urban space culture. The dynamic curvature forms a free line of observation, guiding people to perceive the space deeply. The open space structure of the gallery display area ensures the interaction between visitors and the artwork, and also narrates the energy of art through the interlaced blocks.▲摄影:是然修建摄影▲摄影:是然修建摄影▲摄影:是然修建摄影540°的大型螺旋结构楼梯让人发生无限纵深的视觉效应,超薄玻璃扶手完整地呼应旋转弧度。空灵且通透的垂直空间中,自然的韵律如同流水一般顺着观光者的脚步充盈流淌。

买通上下空间的视觉体验辅以几何雕塑感的边缘块面,增加了空间的细节,即便连下两层也没有身处地下室的压抑感。The 540° large spiral structure staircase makes people produce an infinite depth visual effect, and the ultra-thin glass handrail completely echoes the rotating arc. In the empty and transparent vertical space, natural rhythms flow like flowing water along the footsteps of visitors. The visual experience of opening up the upper and lower spaces is supplemented by the geometric sculptural edge block surface, which increases the details of the space. Even the lower two floors do not have the depressive feeling of being in the basement.随着程序的推移,自然光线的动态视觉通过玻璃的折射与空间融合碰撞,使观者如同身处陈逸飞先生的画作中,光影柔和静谧。



As the pace goes by, the dynamic vision of natural light collides with space fusion through the refraction of the glass, making the viewer feel as if they are in Mr. Chen Yifei's paintings, the light and shadow are soft and quiet. The internal hierarchical structure continues the concept of the overall building, and the cascading orderly contains the charm of modern art. The built-in light strip is like adding a layer of natural soft focus filter to the space, thus opening the chapter of artistic "rebirth". The gallery exhibition hall uses light-transmitting soft film and a large area of white paving. The light gently holds up each painting and artwork from a carefully calculated angle, prompting the viewer to explore the art works through visual, auditory, and tactile perception traces Philosophy.简约的空间体系,抽离了繁复情绪的滋扰,形成多维度的场域,仿若虚拟与实体的转化,使人们的情感为之共识。与作品近距离的对话姿态,没有华美的铺陈,只在光影、质料、几何架构的配合中留驻时代的情绪感慨。

金臣·亦飞鸣美术馆将艺术带入人们的生活中,在都会主导的商务、经济、会展区块中,开发属于都市的艺术文化空间。也将搜集各家创意先锋的理念及灵感,为人们展现新时代的艺术高地。The simple space system removes the interference of complex emotions and forms a multi-dimensional field, like the transformation of virtual and physical, making people's emotions resonate. The gesture of dialogue with the work at close range does not have a magnificent layout, but only retains the emotional touch of the times in the coordination of light and shadow, materials, and geometric structures. Jinchen Yifeiming Art Museum brings art into people's lives and opens up urban art and cultural spaces in the business, economic, and exhibition areas dominated by the city. It will also bring together the ideas and inspirations of various creative pioneers to show people the artistic heights of the new era.项目信息Information━项目名称:金臣·亦飞鸣美术馆Project Name:JINCHEN YFM ART GALLERY项目地址:中国上海市Project Location:Shanghai, China项目业主:上海金臣文化传媒有限公司Project Owner:Shanghai Jin Chen Culture Media Co., Ltd.项目地址:上海市闵行区甬虹路88号Address:88 Yonghong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai修建面积:2871 平方米Project Area: 2871㎡设计时间:2020.01-2020.07Design Date:2020.01-2020.07制作时间:2020.07-2020.11Construction Date:2020.07-2020.11展厅室内设计:HWCDInterior Design:HWCD展厅室内设计团队:林宏俊,刘子墨,易双,刘泳志,谷泉Interior Design Team:Lin Hongjun, Liu Zimo, Yi Shuang, Liu Yongzhi, Gu Quan修建设计:上海三益修建设计有限公司Architectural Design:Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co., Ltd.幕墙设计:上海首正装饰幕墙装饰工程有限公司Curtain Wall Design:Shanghai Shouzheng Curtain Wall Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.照明照料:HDA 汉都灯光Lighting Consultant: HDA Handu Lighting施工单元:上海康业修建装饰工程有限公司Construction:Shanghai Kangye Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd摄影师:是然修建摄影、梅汝晨Photographer: Schran Images, Mei Ruchen。